The patent system of taxation (PSN)

08 january 2017, 21:12

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Table of CONTENTS The pros and cons of the NTC Terms of use and loss of right to patent How to get a Patent in 2016 Grounds for refusal to grant a patent The calculation of the cost of the patent Payment of the patent and reporting PSN is a tax regime involving the patent document entitling them to exercise a certain activity for a period from 1 to 12 months period choose for yourself. The patent in the calculation of tax as well as imputed income is not taken into account the actual income and potential that you supposedly can get from certain types of activities allowed on the patent system of taxation. The tax is calculated immediately after acquisition of a patent and shall be paid either almost immediately or in the mode of payment and installments. To apply this tax regime can only be individual entrepreneurs individual entrepreneurs. Click on below box to view activities for a patent. 17 welcome Services of glassware and secondary raw materials with the exception of scrap metal. 18 Veterinary services. 19 leasing hiring residential and commercial property villas land plots owned by the individual entrepreneur on the property right. 20 Manufacture of products of national art crafts. 21 other services of production character services for the processing of agricultural products and forest produce including the grinding of grain cereals Stripping seed processing production and Smoking of sausages potato processing the processing customer-owned washed wool into knitting yarn dressing animal skins the fur comb grooming Pets repair and manufacture of cooperage dishes and pottery the protection of gardens, vegetable gardens and green plantations against pests and diseases manufacturer of felt shoes the manufacture of agricultural implements of customer's material engraving work on metal glass porcelain ceramics wood manufacture and repair of wooden boats toy repairs repair of tourist equipment and inventory services for plowing gardens and cut firewood services in repair and manufacturing of ophthalmic optics making and printing business cards and invitations to family events bookbinding bookbinding cardboard edging work charging of gas cylinders for siphons replacement of batteries in electronic watches and other devices. 22 the Production and restoration of carpets and rugs. 23 jewelry Repair jewelry. 24 Embossing and engraving jewelry. 25 Monaural and stereo recording speech, singing, instrumental performance of a customer to tape a CD overwriting of musical and literary works onto magnetic tape

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