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Further Signs of improvement suggestions In the USSR, patents of the invention preferably seek foreigners firms of capitalist countries. Patent document certifying the recognition proposal of the invention priority of invention inventorship and exclusive right of the patentee for the invention The right to receiving patent and exclusive right to the invention based on the patent can be transferred to heirs in accordance with the law. Successors in title of authors-inventors are often the firms which they assign the right to patent their inventions less the heirs of the deceased author. Rules for the issuance of a patent in the USSR, guarding the interests of the author. The patent issued in his name or in the name of his successor. But in the latter case, must indicate the name autorenamer patent issued by the Italian firm, but the patent must be named as the author of the engineer of this company. The patent provides as it is written exclusive right to the inventor or successor in title to dispose of the invention. This means that the holder of the patent owner decides the question of what to do with the invention whether to sell it or license the permission to use it or not to make neither the one nor the other. The license is issued in the form of a contract between the patentee is a licensor and the recipient the rights to use the invention by the licensee. This agreement is called a license may be compensated when there is a charge and free of providing free use of the invention. The fee for the issuance of a license or an assignment of a sale of a patent is determined by agreement of the parties. Contract or other document of the issuance of a license or an assignment of a patent must be registered in goskomizobreteniy. If this is not done by the parties to the license agreement or document for assignment of a patent is invalid. Without the consent of the patentee, no one may use the patented invention. Exceptionally, this right is granted to organizations that apply for a patent regardless of the inventor applied in the USSR is identical with the invention offer another person or has done everything necessary for this preparation. This right is called the right of prior use with his organization can continue to freely use the invention. Not considered a violation of the exclusive rights of the patentee on the use of sea and river vessels or aircraft and land transport temporarily or accidentally located within the boundaries of the Soviet Union means the subject of the invention protected by a patent. In other cases, the person

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