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31.08.2016 31.08.2016 31.08.2016 All jobs 13.12.2016 Medical products RF patent № 2597281 Publication date 10.09.2016 The name of the DISTRACTION APPARATUS 18.11.2016 Medical products RF patent № 2595475 Publication date 27.08.2016 Title METHOD AND DEVICE FOR POSITIONING a DOPPLER ULTRASOUND TRANSDUCER FOR MEASURING BLOOD FLOW AND a SYSTEM FOR MEASURING BLOOD FLOW 12.10.2016 Medical products RF patent № 2589616 Publication date 10.07.2016 The name of the DEVICE FOR ENDOSCOPY 01.09.2016 Medical products RF patent № 2583578 Publication date 10.05.2016 The name of the DEVICE FOR the treatment of ACETABULAR HIP replacement 09.08.2016 Medical products RF patent № 2582980 Publication date 27.04.2016 The name of the SPIRAL IMPLANT FOR OSTEOSYNTHESIS of the FEMORAL NECK 14.06.2016 Medical products Patent No. 2577509 Publication date 20.03.2016 Title INTERVENTIONAL TOOLS that SUPPORT OPTICAL SENSING FOR RAPID DISTRIBUTED MEASUREMENTS of BIOPHYSICAL PARAMETERS 04.04.2016 Medical products RF patent № 2572017 Publication date 27.12.2015 The name of the COMMUNICATION SYSTEM is PLACED IN SWALLOW PRODUCT 16.12.2015 Medical products RF patent № 2564074 Publication date 27.09.2015 The name of IRIS-RETRACTOR 01.12.2015 Medical products RF patent № 2561572 Publication date 27.08.2015 The name of the UNLOADING DYNAMIC INTERVERTEBRAL DEVICE 27.10.2015 Medical products RF patent № 2557898 Publication date 27.07.2015 The name of TUBE FOR FABRIC STRUCTURES Read news and articles in your smartphone or tablet. When citing and using the materials published on pages of the website video active descriptiva not closed from indexation is not prohibited to follow a working link to the source. The use of copyright material is possible only with permission

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