Patent work in Moscow and Moscow region

08 january 2017, 21:12

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The cost of the patent work to foreign citizens in 2015 will be a total of about 24 000 RUB. without considering the monthly taxes. 2015 introduced a single work the patent. Documents for registration of a new patent in 2015 Patent work is necessary to issue to foreign citizens for the legal stay in Russia and work. Patent work allows work to a foreign citizen for a natural person citizen of the Russian Federation but not to the firm. The patent prepares the employee to independently consent and any documents from employer is not needed. We prepare all the necessary documents and fill the form for submission and accompany you all the way obtaining a patent in order and managed to obtain a patent for work in Moscow or the Moscow region. We are accredited agents of EMTs Moscow region of the Federal migration service in Krasnogorsk, therefore, to undergo fingerprinting and obtain a patent for work in the Moscow region you'll obtain personally in FMS Krasnogorsk quickly with virtually no queues. We provide a comprehensive service to support the preparation of documents filing and obtaining a patent in the FMS. And so we have the opportunity to apply with no queues and just in time. After receiving you can check the patent database of the FMS. More than 5 years, we help foreigners to obtain documents work permit patents RVP residence permit citizenship and therefore know how to properly fill out all necessary documents and questionnaires. We contract in our office where you will be able to come during working hours. If for some reason we can't provide the service you will get your money back. If you work with foreigners and you need a reliable partner in addressing issues of employment and migration, or simply a consultation, call us and we will try to help. In 2014, on the patent of Russian citizens were able to employ foreign nationals for the purposes not connected with profit making. That is, a foreign national with a work permit to work could only work on the individual such as helping on the farm country site taking care of children or elderly by performing a repair as a personal driver or assistant. Now in 2015, dramatically introduced unsubstantiated requirements to documents for registration of a patent. Even for a work permit until 2015 required much less paperwork. Than obosnovano the requirement to produce documents within 30 days after entry and submit them for a patent is not clear. You should also understand that work on a natural person individual entrepreneur is equal to the work of the firm and can not be patent. But common cases when foreign employees are not issued in

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