Patent work for migrants in 2016

08 january 2017, 21:27

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The content of the article The patent system of employment law was put into effect from 1 January 2015. In accordance with her right to obtain a patent are foreigners coming from countries with which at Russia the visa-free regime. At the same time, even a patent is not obligatory for people coming from Belarus or Kazakhstan. When a foreigner came to Russia from countries with a visa regime that his employer committed a certain procedure for getting permission to work. The issuance of a document ka patent is carried out in case when the migration card contains a goal of visiting Russia as employment. It does not matter where you have to work with a foreign guest in the company of the PI or the average person for example a gardener a driver. There is another important point. In the patent there is no need for those foreigners who permanently reside on the territory of Russia on absolutely legal grounds. It is primarily a question of refugees athletes and other categories of people. As we have said if the person came from that state with which our country has a regime of crossing the border without a visa, the employer does not feel the need to obtain such a binding document like a work permit for such foreigner. However, certain formalities, he still is obliged to comply with. In particular, the authority must notify the authority of the Federal migration service of the intention to adopt in your state or dismiss a foreign worker. This disclosure must be made in paper or electronic form. The initial patent term is 1 month but the period can always be extended for a period up to one year. After that, you need a patent have to re-register. However, for this purpose you must first leave the country and then re-enter are allowed to do even within one day. After the patent term is over or it was prematurely cancelled, the alien must leave the territory of the Russian Federation. The same rule applies when came the time of stay in the country. The patent is effective within the region where it was issued. That is, when the document is issued in Moscow the foreigner will not be able on the basis of his work in another city. And you should pay attention to the fact that local authorities in the form of a patent to make their own adjustments. In particular it can be provided a certain specialty or profession for which the person is allowed to work. Therefore any other activities patent not already covered. So the arrival of a man in Russia, he was approached to apply to the Department of the Federal migration service at the place of their registration in order

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