Patent work for foreigners with 2016 price

08 january 2017, 21:28

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The contents Since January of last year, for foreign citizens the procedure of employment in Russia. Now to the subject a non-resident of the Russian Federation could receive on its territory a job he needs to issue a corresponding patent and not the solution as it was before. This innovation is regulated by the Federal law No. 357-FZ dated 24 November 2014. The status of the foreigner can be the following In this article we will look in more detail what is working patent RP which is the set of securities to to which bodies it can be done how much it will cost to extend it without leaving the Russian Federation and which at the present time, there are deals and jobs for foreign nationals from employers of Moscow, the Moscow region and other regions of Russia. According to the law № 115-FZ, article 2 in the current edition of the 2016 patent is a document based on which the subject arrived from abroad, has the right legally to get a job in Russia. Without a permit to the foreigner to carry out labor activity impossible. In order to make this act a native of another country, shall within 30 days from the date of arrival in Russia to apply to the migration Department of the FMS of the Ministry of interior. If this deadline is missed, the alien will have to pay a fine in the amount from 10 000 to 15 000 rubles or in the results of the document is denied. Standard list of documents required for obtaining RP Since last year, to the above set of papers has added some evidence After paying personal income tax, the applicant receives the patent. In 2016 the cost of RP for foreigners is 1200 rubles a fixed amount for each working month. However, this size is adjusted according to item 3 of article 227.1 of the tax code If the RP ends it can be extended by contacting the Department of migration, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia until the abolition of the Federal migration service at the place of stay but no later than 10 days before the end of the annual validity of the RP. Otherwise, the extension of the permit may be denied. Also a basis for refusal to serve failure to submit the required list of documents. In order to find a job in Moscow from direct employers for men and women from CIS countries with patent it is enough to visit the respective websites to offer of employment. For example on a dedicated website the City works there is a special category of Jobs with the patent in Moscow, which contains quite a lot of suggestions for subjects who came from neighboring countries Uzbekistan Tajikistan Moldova as well as residents of Donbass. It can assist in employment in Mytishchi and other

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