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Patent lat. a brevet is a document confirming the exclusive right of patent holder to invention, useful model or industrial sample. The patent also certify the priority and authorship. Why should there be any question about the necessity of obtaining a patent So a patent gives its owner the right to forbid practically any unauthorized use of its intellectual property by other persons that there is a way to protect against claims of other persons on the result of your creative work. Liability for patent infringement as provided for in civil damages for loss of profits compensation for moral damage and so on and in the criminal law the penalty of compulsory work imprisonment. Therefore, it is necessary to legally use the fruits of someone else's intellectual work on getting their permission to do so and to protect their intellectual property by legitimate means. Consider both the use of the patent in more detail. 1. If You are going to use someone else's invention. The legal right to use of inventions useful models and industrial designs can be granted to you only on the basis of the license agreement which you make with the copyright holder. Usually such a contract is onerous nature but do not exclude the transferability of the rights you and free example contract of donation. Depending on what rights you transferred it is possible to allocate 2 types of licenses exclusive rights for the use of the invention is the remaining part of the rights retained by the patentee non-exclusive patent holder grants to you the right to use the invention while maintaining reserves all rights confirmed with the patent including the right to grant the license to third parties. With approximate models of such contracts you can find in the Library section here. The license contract shall be registered at the Patent office and without registration is considered void. The conclusion is therefore to use the previously created invention, useful model or industrial design you need to make a license contract with the patentee and register it with the Patent office. This is a fairly simple procedure not requiring a lot of time and effort allowing you to use the necessary information legally not experiencing any negative consequences of the violation of intellectual property rights in the case of illegal use. 2. If you intend to use and protect his invention.

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