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The contents The definition of a patent - Conditions of patentability Section 1. The patentee's rights. Section 2. Duties of the patentee. - History - The structure of the patent for the invention Criticism of the patent system Patent law The definition of a patent A patent is a protective document certifying the exclusive right, authorship and priority sabbionetano model or industrial design. The validity of the patent depends on the subject matter and ranges from 10 to 25 years. A patent is issued by the state Executive authority on intellectual property in Russia, it is the Federal service for intellectual property patent and trademark trademark office patent ROS. Under the invention in the sense of patent law means a technical solution in any field relating to the goods in a particular device, substance or method to the process of implementation of actions over material object by material means. the invention of the halochamber height=800 src=picturesinvestmentsimg2410841-1Patentnaizobreteniegalokameryi.jpg title=1.1 a patent for the invention of the halochamber width=540 gt Patent for invention in Russia is valid for 20 years from the filing date of the application for a patent. The term of a patent for an invention relating to a drug, a pesticide or agrochemical for which it is required to obtain in accordance with the law permission may be extended for up to 5 years. You should pay attention to what is protected by the solution and not the problem. For example James watt to solve the problem of converting reciprocating motion into rotary and to circumvent the patent on the crank mechanism used in my first model steam engine, planetary transmission. The patentee Patentovedenie legal. the person received a patent in accordance with the law and enjoying the whole scope of legal protection granted by a patent. The concept of P. the wider concept of the author of the invention. Patentovedenie the patentee of a utility model or industrial design by the employer in the cases specified below, the successors to these individuals who are issued a patent.The patent law of Russia law of the Russian Federation from 23.09.1992 № 3517-1.-Ed. from 07.02.2003.-St. 8 Conditions of patentability. A patent for an invention may be granted if the invention satisfies three basic conditions of patentability is new that is not known from the existing level of technology involves an inventive step, that is, the proposed solution is for the specialist does not obviously follow from the prior art is not obvious is industrially applicable in that it can be used in industry, agriculture and other sectors of activity.

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