How to register a patent and whether to do it at all?

08 january 2017, 21:27

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The time of obtaining patent for utility model can range from six months to a year of an invention patent about a year or more. Investments - $500-2000. Before you make a patent correlate the benefits and risks. In addition to the cost of obtaining patent each year the owner pays a fee of 150 up to 2 thousand rubles depending on the term of the patent extension, the longer he works the more the fee. Recommendations on patenting gives Oleg a Novoseltsev candidate of technical Sciences, President of the company of patent attorneys of Petropatent is among the first registered Russian patent attorneys specializing in complex legal support and advise the creation of protection and use of intellectual property. Company of patent attorneys of Petropatent was established in February 1994 shortly after the adoption of the first Russian patent laws. Today in Petersburg there are about 50 companies that help inventors and entrepreneurs in the preparation of patent applications and other actions aimed at protecting intellectual property. Step 1 - Assessment of economic risks Before you apply for a patent for his invention experts advise to study the Economics of the issue. It is necessary to determine the economic feasibility of patenting to compare potential revenues with anticipated expenditures. The cost of registration of a patent, on average, from $500 to several thousand dollars per patent. The cost of patenting depends on the complexity of the development industry where this development can be introduced. For example the invention of the level fountain pens are easier to verify and to patent than a complex production unit - says Oleg a Novoseltsev patent attorney company Petropatent. Step 2 - choice of the form of patenting You must choose the type of patent. This may be a patent for utility model technical solution in any field relating to the device of the patent on industrial sample is art-design decision of a product of industrial or handicraft production defining its external form. Or the patent for the invention device, substance, strain of microorganism, culture of cages of plants or animals, or the way the implementation process of the action. With the choice of the form of patenting, will help specially trained professionals - patent attorneys. From the inventor is only required to tell the specialist that he is. The attorney will also determine the timing and amount of potential costs. Step 3 - Preliminary examination for novelty The inventor alone or in conjunction with a specialist determines the subject of patenting is looking for where and how to obtain information to verify

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