How to get a patent for the surrender of apartments for rent in procedure and cost calculation

08 january 2017, 21:29

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One of the special system of taxation provided for in the legislation of the Russian Federation is a patent. It gives the owner the right to engage in certain activities including the delivery of apartments in rent. About the features of this system and conditions for the purchase of a patent later in the article. Check out our pages about how to place an ad on the rent how to make a letter of attorney to surrender a residential area as well as on how to constitute the receipt of money from the tenants act of reception-transmission of housing and seizure of property. What is the patent for the rent In the broad sense of the patent means a document granting its holder certain rights. In relation to the tax system this document gives the right to engage in one of the statutory types of activities. In General it relates to the provision of various services to population and retail trade. As for housing delivery then this service is also available on the patent system. In some cases, this way you can reduce the size of tax deductions in the budget but only under the condition that the monthly income from the rental of housing is significant e.g. more than 100 000 RUB.. The use of the patent system of taxation PSN liberates the individual need pay income tax from income obtained by renting apartments. Also SP is exempt from You will need to pay for the patent itself and to make deductions for social security contributions. How reasonable is it expects the owner of the apartment because it depends on the income which he will receive from her date. How to obtain a patent for the delivery of apartments for rent you can see from the video How to create and sign a contract at the time the apartment you can learn from our articles. Read also about the rights and responsibilities of tenant and for which he must pay. The use of PSN as well as any other tax the special regime requires individuals compliance with several requirements. For the purchase of a patent it is necessary It's worth noting that on each property such as an apartment or a house you need to purchase a separate patent. The procedure for obtaining a patent is not very complicated. Subject to compliance with the citizen all the required criteria, he needs to register with the tax as SP. Read our article about how to quickly and correctly submit their own apartment how to rent an apartment officially and legally. And also find out about how can I rent out the apartments without registration of contract and responsibility for the illegal surrender of the apartment. How to acquire a patent for the surrender of the apartment buying process patent for the surrender of the apartment looks

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