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08 january 2017, 21:27

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In this article we analyze in detail what is a patent how to buy what are the difficulties and pitfalls of entrepreneurs on the patent form of taxation. The article will be useful to entrepreneurs and those who plan to become one. Patent form of taxation appeared in early 2013 and provides a significant relief of the tax burden lying on the entrepreneurs. The bottom line similarly, imputed form of taxation calculated income potential which the entrepreneur can theoretically get on a particular activity during the year. From this amount, calculate 6% and find the value of a patent. Patent frees entrepreneurs from paying personal income tax tax on property of physical persons and VAT. All this makes its work transparent for the tax authorities and the entrepreneur. But for all its outward simplicity, in the patent form of taxation has its own rules that must be followed. Not all lines of business subject to the patent system of taxation the list is limited The regional legislature can amend this list if necessary. If you have any such question you need step by step instructions for obtaining a patent. Plan your next if the patent term exceeds six months, then it can be paid by parts of one third within one month after registration and the remainder no later than thirty days before the expiration of the patent. To use the patent may be few. There for businesses providing hairdressing and beauty services repairing clothes and furniture, teaching children, etc. it is Worth remembering that the final word remains to your region. Imagine that you are a master Shoe repair. You know their job and have regular customers. But the owner of the shop takes most of the profits leaving you with pennies. You know perfectly well that they can work on themselves but afraid of all the difficulties of entrepreneurship. Presented Here for the masters and created the patent form of taxation. Now another option. Let us return to the masters in their field but from another point of view. You are a master for the manufacture of furniture and quite successful. You have low customer flow stable fulfilling work. There is only one thing. You work in the shadows. Do not pay taxes are officially without work. You basically happy with the situation. But then there is the ability to perform very large and profitable order for a major company. Patent form of taxation is thus a bridge between professionals and organizations. Becoming individual entrepreneur you

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