English-Russian translation for "patent".

08 january 2017, 21:27

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patent name существительноепатентampnbsp дипломampnbsp знакampnbsp exceptional правоampnbsp Charter patent прилагательноеоригинальныйampnbsp остроумныйampnbsp явныйampnbsp очевидныйampnbsp патентованныйampnbsp доступныйampnbsp открытыйampnbsp own invention to glogovat patent patent patent apparentampnbsp evidentampnbsp manifest additional patentbasic patentcollateral patent... is a tactic that patent trolls are suppo...... as a result patent trolls can kind ...... the inventor was a patent attorney.... patent noun also licence license licensee licenser to assert a patent to assert a patent And I thought I should patent this. Laughter Behold patent infringement via mobile device -- defined as a computer which is not stationary. patent noun also diploma degree patent noun omen sign symbol also indication patent noun also prerogative patent noun patent ADJ. also individual ingenious original unhackneyed patent ADJ. also cute ingenious quickwitted, sharp-witted patent ADJ. also apparent evident mere pronounced patent ADJ. also evident obvious, evidence, manifest patent ADJ. also proprietary patent ADJ. also accessible approachable disposable free patent ADJ. also open patulous outright bleak patent ADJ. to patent patented|patented VB. © Princeton Universityapparentampnbsp evidentampnbsp manifestampnbsp plainampnbsp unmistakableampnbsp patent of inventionampnbsp letters patent additional patent basic patent collateral patent patent attorney patent examiner patent leather patent office patent right to abandon a patent Now this is a tactic that patent trolls are supposed to use on people to get their way. And as a result patent trolls can kind of live in the space in between. And Chester Carlson, the inventor was a patent attorney. The patent had 64 pages of text and 271 figures. You need to know that the average patent troll defense costs two million dollars and takes 18 months when you win. Now the reason this works is because patent trolls are paid a percentage of what they're able to recover in settlements. And that's sort of like the novelty standard for a U.S. patent which fashion designers never get -- rarely get here in the states. And the problem with that is that there are two very large industry groups that have different outcomes in mind for the patent system. to abandon a patent I took it back to the Pentagon after it got declassified when the patent issued, and told the people back there about it and they laughed rated and then I took them back a demo and they bought. Do you think that the Anglo-Russian dictionary, which can accommodate more words You can't find the colloquial meaning or correct spelling writing word translation You can suggest your own translation from English using special fields to enter at the bottom. The latest offers user a stroke Wyvern encouraging to assure the speaker patchedampnbsp patchingampnbsp patchouliampnbsp patchpocketampnbsp patchworkampnbsp patchyampnbsp pateampnbsp patellaampnbsp patenampnbsp patencyampnbsp patentampnbsp patenteeampnbsp patentingampnbsp patentleatherampnbsp patentlyampnbsp paterampnbsp pateraampnbsp paterfamiliasampnbsp paternalampnbsp paternalismampnbsp paternalistic Search for more words in the Russian-German dictionary. About company bab.la | Contact amp output information

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