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The content material In accordance with the relevant legislative provisions a citizen of another country residing in the territory of the Russian Federation in the course of a week or more must register its location in the office of the migration service. The registration is granted for 3 months. For citizens of countries with which Russia maintains a visa-free regime the validity of registration may be extended to 9 months. Do I need to renew the registration if the patent is In the case of a citizen of another country on the territory of Russia on labor patent law relieves him of the need for mandatory renewal of registration. In this case, the registration will be automatically renewed with each payment by the alien of the corresponding tax. Need to make a new registration occurs only in case of departure of foreigner from Russia and re-enter its territory. The legal power given to a citizen of a patent in these types of movements is preserved. Next you are asked to become more familiar with the peculiarities of the case. Who can get a patent The legislation provides for the possibility of granting patents to representatives of the following categories of citizens While in the foreigner's migration card must be shown that he came to Russia to work. Sample completed application for the patent The results of the instruments included in the competence of Department on labour migration. Citizen interested in obtaining a patent it is necessary to contact the specialized Department with the following documents Sample fill in the immigration card If desired, the migrant may pay the patent for the period from 1 month to 1 year is the minimum and maximum allowed values. A citizen possesses the right of reception of the document after his employment shall, not later than 2 months from the date of grant of the patent to appear in a Department dedicated to addressing issues of labour migration and to provide the authorized officer a copy of labor or civil-law contract, depending on the characteristics of employment. Who and where you can work after obtaining a work patent In the body of the document provides information about the profession and the specialty which is owned by a citizen of another state and it works in Russia. The law prohibits foreigners to hold positions which are not given in the patent. For example, if the document says that a citizen is only a Turner to work as a welder for legitimate reasons, he did not succeed. Citizens of other countries can work exclusively within the information

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