Article The term "patent", a patent on invention, useful model or industrial sample, the timing of patenting

08 january 2017, 21:12

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CALL or request a call back 8 495 514-05-94 8-800-100-8247 mon-Fri from 900 to 1830 free for RF 1040 Companies and entrepreneurs have used our services 671 The application for registration of a trademark 140 Court cases on intellectual property 120 Applications filed for patents for inventions, useful models preobresti 60 Applications filed for the registration of computer programs and database Ratings We - the members of the Supplier portal of the government of Moscow Patent lat. a brevet is a document confirming the exclusive right of patent holder to invention, useful model or industrial sample. The patent also certify the priority and authorship. The validity of the patent depends on the subject matter and ranges from 8 to 20 years. The patent is issued by the authorized body state power in the Russian Federation this is the Rospatent. Under the invention in the sense of patent law means a technical solution in any field relating to the product in a particular device, substance or method to the process of implementation of actions over material object by material means. A patent for an invention in the Russian Federation is valid for 20 years from the filing date of the application for a patent. A patent for an invention may be granted if the invention meets three basic criteria for patentability The compliance of the patentability criteria is determined by the state examination. If in the process of examination it turns out the inventive three criteria in this case, the patent is issued. Patents in the modern sense of the word appeared in 1474 in the Venetian Republic. This year a decree was issued according to which on implemented inventions, it was necessary to inform the Republican authorities to prevent the use of inventions by others. The term of the patent was 10 years. In 1623 in England issued the Statute of monopolies under which patents were granted for projects of new inventions. The first patent law the U.S. Patent Act, published in 1790. In Russia in 1812 appears the first General Law on privilege and in 1830 the law of March 30, establishes the basic concepts of patent law. 1 Contains information required for registration storage and finding patent number patent name issuing country patent filing date issue date patent classification symbols conditional numeric and alphabetic designation of sections of the classification systems of the inventions for which the patent number of the patent claims name and address of the owner. The title should be short and precise. The title of the invention usually characterizes it

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