Article and translation of the patent, but the patent a lot of water, so she's a little "flushed".

08 january 2017, 21:29

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Article and translation of the patent but the patent is very much water so it slightly flushed. This water you can get from the English version if you have to. For security, we recommend that strict attention to water covered electrodes otherwise slip spark will ignite an explosive gas and if it blows - will not find Better with this purpose in the top of the unit to arrange the level sensor automatically turns off the power when lowering the water level. Also a good idea would be to use a reverse flame extinguisher which typically is a tube filled with dry sand and located near the burner. The inventor from the USA Stanley Meyer has developed an electric cell which allows you to split ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen with far less expenditure of energy than required in conventional electrolysis. It produces much more acidity-oxygen mixture than by simple electrolysis. Conventional water electrolysis requires large currents measured in amperes Meyer's cell produces the same effect when milliampere. Moreover, ordinary tap water requires the addition of an electrolyte such as sulfuric acid to increase the conductivity - cell Mayer opposite is valid for large capacity with clean water. Cell Mayer remains cold even after many hours of gas production. The electrodes are made of stainless steel parallel plates forming a flat or concentric. Gas yield depends inversely proportional to the distance between them patents suggest a spacing of 1.5 mm gives a good result. Significant differences are in the power of the cell. Meyer uses an external inductance which forms a resonant circuit with the capacitance of the cell - pure water apparently possesses a dielectric constant of about 5 - to create a parallel resonant circuit. She is excited by a powerful pulse generator which, together with the cell capacitance and a rectifier diode is pumping scheme. High frequency pulses produces a stepped rising potential on the electrodes of the cell until not reached the point where the water breaks down and there is a short current pulse. Test circuit power supply detects this leap and locks the source of pulses for several cycles allowing the water to recover. Gas output sufficient to maintain a hydrogen-oxygen flame which instantly can melt steel. One demonstration cell was fitted with two parallel electrodes excitation. After filling with tap water electrodes generated gas at very low current levels - no more than a few tenths of an ampere, and even milliampere as stated

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